Historic Projects

Office Building

    Façade Restoration and Building Renovation for Office Building, Niles, Michigan

      Historic                                                                                                                  Design Study

      Existing                                                                                                  Construction
      Final Rendering
    Renovations of Portion of Historic Post Office Building into Museum/ Interpretive Space, Niles, Michigan.


     Reconstruction of Memorial Pergola, Constantine, Michigan.




     Addition and Renovations to the historic Bronson Library and Township Hall, Bronson, Michigan.  
     (Design and Drawings by James Furkis at Leedy/ Cripe Architects)                                                                                                                                                                



         Phase I Renovations to the Crossing Alternative School, former Historic Ligonier Elk's Lodge,        
         Ligonier, Indiana.

                                                              (Renderings  by James Furkis at Leedy/ Cripe Architects)      
                      Renovations to Mid-Sioux Opportunity, Cherokee Head Start, Cherokee, Iowa.
                (Design and Drawings by James Furkis At M+ Architects)

                Addition and Renovations to Ar-We-Va Community School, Westside, Iowa.    
                      (James Furkis completed Design Development Drawings, Construction Drawings, and Assisted with Exterior DesignAt M+ Architects)              


    Other Renderings               


    *This is only a partial list of examples of projects James Furkis has worked on. If you would like more
    information on projects worked on, please contact Furkis Architectural Consulting.