Commercial Projects

 Restaurant/ Bar/ Pub
    Build-out of Unit in Multi-Use Condominium Building with Commercial and Residential into new Restaurant/ Pub, New Buffalo, Michigan.     



     Renovation of 5,500 SF Building into new Restaurant/ Bar, Niles, Michigan.     

     Renovation of Existing Older Warehouse into Bar, Sioux City, Iowa.   

     New Deck for Main Lodge Renovations, Camp Lighthouse,   
     Pipestone Township, Dowagiac, Michigan.


     Master Plan, Dining Hall Renovations, and Cabin Renovations to Sunshine Cove Christian Camp,   
     Union, Michigan.


Retail/ Manufacturing/ Warehouse

    Sandpiper Retail Store, Woolen Mill Addition (Wool Manufacturing), Bridgman, Michigan

    Exterior Renovations and Addition, Light Manufacturing Facility, Bridgman, Michigan.

     New Store for Drake's Country Cuts Meat Market, Marcellus, Michigan.

     Renovation of a former Industrial Building into a Retail and Warehouse Building Facility, Kalamazoo,

    Renovation of Three Storefront Retail Building, Battle Creek, Michigan.


    Office/ Storage/ Garage Renovation,  Bridgman, Michigan 

     Office Addition and Master Plan, Sergeant Bluff, Iowa.     
            (Design and Drawings by James Furkis at M+ Architects)         



    Interior Renovations for an Office Building for Stone Soup Promotions in Downtown Elkhart,         


     New Pumphouse and Renovations to the Bathhouse, Pierre Moran Pool, Elkhart, Indiana.  
     (Design and Drawings by James Furkis at Leedy/ Cripe Architects)             


Other Renderings               

    Rendering and Design by James Furkis at Interface Architects

*This is only a partial list of examples of projects James Furkis has worked on. If you would like more
information on projects worked on, please contact Furkis Architectural Consulting.